To protect privacy and confidentiality, we do not store client information on Cloud or server-based facilities. In addition, we provide the following as part of our service offerings:

Offline protein analysis

We use a mix of commercially licensed and open-source software for protein analysis and annotation. Offline installation and software use avoids the need to submit potentially sensitive client data for processing and analysis by online resources.

Where necessary, we obtain client agreement to utilise online resources as part of service provision. We never transmit information to the Internet that would allow client identification.

Secure facilities

To provide extra layers of security, locally, we deploy computer workstation and operating system encryption, and utilise MS Office and Adobe encryption, digital signature and password facilities.

Epitope Informatics Internet connected computers operate behind stringent firewalls, and data storage utilises air-gapped computing hardware that is not connected to the Internet in any way.

Secure communications

By request, email sent to clients can be digitally signed. Digitally signed email allows verification of the authenticity of a message (i.e. that the message is from the supposed sender).

By request, we can also encrypt and courier ship reporting, to suit your needs. These alternative service delivery routes will incur a small extra handling charge.

Website security

This site is composed of entirely static content, offering a high degree of security by design. Traffic between the site and users is always secured via HTTPS. The site does not use forms, APIs, databases, cookies, or server-side scripting, largely reducing its exposure.