If you have browsed our website, and would like to learn more about our services, their technical details and reasonable pricing, get in touch in order to discover what Epitope Informatics can do for you.

Quotation is provided by email. In order to expedite quotation, we appreciate your sending information shown below relating to your target protein(s) of interest. We will happily entertain other methods of quotation, just get in touch and let us know your requirements.

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Please provide information regarding protein of interest, including:

  • Protein sequence in one-letter amino acid code or fasta format.
  • Protein name and any extra information e.g. sequence ID, protein database Accession Number.
  • Availability of a solved 3-D structure e.g. PDB Number or atomic coordinates; also low resolution and ab initio/comparative/AI modelled structures.
  • Your aim in having a particular service performed, which will enable us to focus on any selected epitopes and target protein regions of interest in our analysis.


Please provide information regarding type of service required, which may include:

  • Antibody epitope prediction and annotation of the target protein sequence.
  • Analysis of a region of interest of a very large protein, which reduces our service time and cost.
  • Epitope conservation analysis.
  • Epitope mapping to target protein 3-D structure.
  • Any special requirements?

The information you provide will be used to calculate an estimate cost for service provision. We may need to get in touch with queries for clarification, so additional contact information is appreciated.

We aim to respond to requests for quotation within 3 business days.


All commercial services offered by Epitope Informatics produce a bespoke PDF report, normally around 4 weeks from order confirmation for an individual target protein.

About 50 - 60 pages in length and similar in format to a published scientific paper, our epitope prediction report is a detailed electronic document containing high quality graphics and nice-view annotation of output data, including annotation of the target molecule sequence, and, if available, structure, with consensus predicted epitope sequences and related findings.

PDF reports are easy to navigate via bookmarks, cross-referencing and hyperlinks, and packed with an easy-to-follow explanation of the data we provide.

Reports are created, stored and delivered using secure practices.