Epitope discovery and protein analysis

Epitope prediction and contextual protein analysis for the identification and targeting of antibody epitopes

Epitope Informatics is a bioinformatics/computational biology company formed in March 2000 that operates globally providing services for protein epitope discovery, epitope contextual analysis, curation, conservation and mapping to protein 3-D structures. One particular focus is epitope prediction for the identification and targeting of antibody epitopes.

Epitope prediction is difficult. To meet this demand, Epitope Informatics introduced their proprietary Consensus Epitope Prediction platform in 2002, which uses a diverse array of bioinformatics tools for the optimal prediction and contextual characterisation of protein antibody epitopes. Epitope Informatics is also research-active in these areas.

Epitope Informatics' clients include biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, government research laboratories, hospitals, medical schools, research institutes and universities, working in areas including vaccine design, therapeutic antibody and other biotherapeutic agent production, and antibody production for diagnostics and life science research.

Currently, Epitope Informatics is developing improved and expanded services for epitope conservation analysis, and epitope redesign for applications including modifying vaccine and other biotherapeutic agent immunogenicity.


We perform contract research providing prediction and contextual analysis of protein antibody epitopes, and relevant protein curation and annotation. Prediction of both linear and conformational epitopes, relevant in silico analysis and annotation of target proteins, epitope conservation analysis and epitope mapping to target protein 3-D structures. Detailed reporting incorporating publication quality graphics showing annotation of target proteins.

Benefits of using Epitope Informatics

  • Our specialist expertise and experience spanning several decades.
  • Our unique epitope discovery platform that utilises consensus epitope prediction and epitope contextual analysis, incorporating analysis of target protein structure, function and conservation.
  • We add value to sequences and structures of interest by annotating them with findings from consensus epitope prediction and epitope contextual analysis.
  • A unique outsourcing option.
  • Significant savings of your time.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Easy-to-engage Internet-based service provision, including secure facilities for client data transfer.
  • Respect of your privacy and confidentiality of your information.
  • We hold no client information on cloud servers.
A bespoke service that can include:
  • Analysis of target protein regions of interest, 3-D structure and conformational epitope prediction.
  • Quaternary epitope analysis.
  • Epitope conservation analysis.