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Our online quotation request facility provides a formal, no obligation quote for service cost. This facility allows you to choose epitope prediction and further options for analysis and annotation of target protein(s) of interest from an online form.

Sequence length of target protein, likely number of epitopes from a preliminary analysis and the type of service requested are main determinants of the service cost. To ensure optimal accuracy, a service essentially performs a small research project for each target molecule sequence. Normally, we expect about 4 - 6 strong-to-moderately predicted epitopes for every about 400 amino acid residues.

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Epitope prediction and analysis services are offered with a competitive pricing structure, and our Internet-based utilities for secure service delivery are provided free of charge. Click here for further service provision details.


Simple list of epitopes service

To reduce service cost to clients, we now offer a simple list of epitopes service. This service provides a simple list of predicted epitopes ranked in order of likely antigenicity, and it can incorporate analysis of target protein 3-D structure. Consensus epitope prediction for the list service is performed as thoroughly as it is for the full service, and findings are presented in a several-page summary report. If analysis of 3-D structure has been performed, however, the summary report does not include graphical output showing predicted epitopes mapped to target protein structure. 

All service e-reports ("full service report" and "simple list of epitopes service report") are provided with support documentation describing protein database searching optimised for use with predicted epitopes as search query strings.

Currently, the simple list of epitopes service option is not available for selection from the online quotation request form, but will be offered to you in the e-mail message sent following our receipt of your online quotation request.

Service goals

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of service and support
possible for all users.

We also aim to keep our services:

At the cutting-edge of in silico protein analysis.

Relevant to scientists' needs by constructively responding to

Accessible and easy to use.



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epitope prediction
Consensus epitope prediction
(Human DNA
 repair protein,
 MGMT - peak
 epitope residues
 shown in gold).



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