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To protect privacy and confidentiality, we do not store client information on Cloud or server-based facilities. In addition, we provide the following as part of our services:

(1) Off-line protein analysis

We use a mix of commercially licensed and open source software for protein analysis and annotation. Offline installation and software use avoids the need to submit potentially sensitive client data for processing and analysis by online resources.

Where necessary, we obtain client agreement to utilise online resources as part of service provision. We never transmit information to the Internet that would allow client identification.

(2) Secure Internet-based facilities

To protect the privacy and confidentiality of information sent to us, we utilise the following secure Internet-based facilities for service provision:

Secure Forms

Secure e-Mail

Secure online e-Report Delivery

Secure Server Forms

Quotation requests

The above forms are transmitted from your Web browser to us in a highly secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) session. This connection utilises 128-bit encryption for transmitting your information, with 512-bit encrypted keys for locking and unlocking your information at either end. 

As part of this process, any trace of your confidential information is deliberately removed from our Web Server.

To provide extra layers of security, locally, we deploy computer workstation and operating system encryption, and utilise MS Office and Adobe encryption, digital signature and password facilities. ePitope Informatics Internet connected computers operate behind stringent firewalls, and data storage utilises computing hardware that is not connected to the Internet in any way. ePitope Informatics does not utilise Cloud facilities for storage of client data.

Secure e-Mail

Secure e-mail

By request, e-mail sent to clients can be digitally signed.

Digitally signed e-mail allows verification of the authenticity of a message (i.e. that the message is from the supposed sender, and that it has not been tampered with in transit). Thus, if there are problems with a signed e-mail message, you should consider that the message has been tampered with or did not originate from the supposed sender. 

Secure e-Report Delivery         

Formerly, secure e-courier services provided by UPS, then Tumbleweed (now Axway) were used for Internet delivery of client service reports.

Strongly encrypted and password-locked e-Reports, now can either be downloaded from a secure section of our website or sent by secure e-mail (see above).

Alternative secure e-Report delivery

An encrypted and password-protected  e-Report can also be written to DVD and delivered by postal service with tracking, or by courier. If requested, these alternative service delivery routes will incur a small extra handling charge.



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epitope prediction
Consensus e
pitope prediction
(Human DNA
 repair protein,
 MGMT - peak
 epitope residues
 shown in gold).



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