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Positions available

Currently, there are no posts available.

Student research projects/industrial training

Presently, we are not set up to offer this, but a longer term aim for ePitope Informatics is to be an educational facility for undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking to pursue a period of time in industry as part of an intercalated degree course.

In this situation, ePitope Informatics would aim to provide a supportive and stimulating, high quality teaching and learning environment for the pursuit of research project work in the areas of pure and applied protein bioinformatics.

Areas of investigation

Currently include:

Conformational B cell epitope prediction

Improvement and validation of linear B cell epitope prediction

Investigation of new methods for predicting B cell epitopes

B cell epitope databases


Please feel free to submit an enquiry to ePitope Informatics regarding any of the above. Links for this are available from the bottom right hand side of this page.



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epitope prediction
Consensus e
pitope prediction
(Human DNA
 repair protein,
 MGMT - peak
 epitope residues
 shown in gold).



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