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This page provides up-to-date information about our site and its use. It also alerts of updates to site content relating to epitope prediction and protein analysis.

Links list update

Links list last updated: 20 October 2017

Further revision work, including the addition of new links and correction of any broken and dead links, is in progress.

Full correction of any broken and dead links last performed:
18 November 2016.


Reference list update

The references page provides a selection of historical references concerning epitope prediction and related protein analysis and annotation.

A substantial revision providing up-to-date references is planned.


Commercial services - updated 03 Feb 2016

We offer a no obligation online quotation request form that allows you to select epitope prediction and analysis and target protein annotation service options. More easily, you can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Our molecular modelling platform includes use of high performance graphics workstations and stereoscopic 3-D viewing hardware (from NVIDIA and StereoGraphics/RealD), and a variety of software that includes Discovery Studio from BIOVIA (formerly Accelrys).

This platform allows our introduction of enhanced molecular analysis and modelling services for antibody epitope prediction and mapping to protein 3-D structure, which includes identification and contextual characterisation of both linear and discontinuous ("conformational") epitopes, and protein comparative modelling services.

Our epitope prediction and analysis services are offered with a competitive pricing structure, and our Internet-based utilities for secure service delivery are provided free of charge.


ePitope Informatics listed in third Nature feature
20 April 2004

   ePitope Informatics receives listing in a third Nature feature

   Previous feature articles listing ePitope Informatics:


Services issue - Netscape users - 14 March 2003

We apologise to Netscape 4.x users who have experienced difficulty with navigation of our site. This problem has now been resolved.

Use of Netscape versions 4.76 - 7.0 and onwards is supported, but not 6.0/6.1 (see below).


PubMed search facility added - 22 September 2002

A BioMed Central facility for searching PubMed and BioMed databases has been added to our Web site ("Search" button on LHS of our home page). Click here for this and our other search facilities (Google and Site Search).


Use of Netscape now supported - 10 April 2002

Use of Netscape versions 4.7, and 6.2 onwards is now supported, and can be used with our online ordering and other Web site facilities. Use of versions 6.0/6.1 is not supported, however, due to quirks in these versions of Netscape. There is no version 5 of Netscape.


Services issue - Secure server - 9 February 2002

We are aware that a recent minor reconfiguration of our secure server led to some of you experiencing difficulty using our secure order, enquiry, support and feedback forms. We apologise for this. The problem has been resolved, and all Web site services are now operating normally (10 February 2002).


e-Report description update - 23 November 2001

Click here for a detailed description of the e-Report that we send as part of our services.


Erroneous sequence submission - October 2001

We continue to receive many sequences that are erroneously submitted for analysis via our secure and standard online enquiry (and feedback) forms. Unless you are enquiring about a sequence (e.g. its suitability for analysis...), or making another type of enquiry, sequences should not be sent to us using these forms.


Enquiry, Support and Feedback facilities- Mid 2001

These online form facilities are now available on both our secure and standard servers, and can be reached by clicking relevant buttons on our Home page.


Services, online ordering, and prices - Mid 2001

An online ordering facility is now available for use on both our secure and standard servers.







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epitope prediction
Consensus e
pitope prediction
(Human DNA
 repair protein,
 MGMT - peak
 epitope residues
 shown in gold).



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