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ePitope Informatics is a bioinformatics company providing services for epitope discovery. A particular focus is epitope prediction and related protein annotation for the identification and targeting of antibody epitopes.


Benefits of using ePitope Informatics

Our specialist expertise and experience, which spans several decades.

An epitope discovery platform utilising consensus epitope prediction (and related protein modelling and annotation), and further epitope contextual analysis that incorporates protein structure, function and conservation.

Flexible tailored services that can incorporate:

Analysis of target protein 3-D structure and conformational epitope prediction.

Target protein regions of interest.

Epitope conservation analysis.

Significant savings of your time.

Quick, easy-to-use Internet-based service provision.

Competitive pricing.

Respect of your privacy and confidentiality of your information.

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 Commercial services

Prediction and contextual analysis of antibody epitopes. Relevant in silico analysis and annotation of protein targets, epitope mapping to protein 3-D structure from prediction of both linear and discontinuous epitopes.

A detailed service e-Report (using secure e-document delivery) incorporating publication quality graphics and high quality annotation of data.

Online quotation request and ordering facilities.

Secure server facilities.

No site registration.

Holding none of your information on servers or in databases.


We offer a no obligation online quotation request form that allows you to select epitope prediction and analysis and target protein annotation service options. More easily, you can tailor our service to suit your needs.

Our molecular modelling platform includes use of high performance graphics workstations and stereoscopic 3-D viewing hardware (from NVIDIA and StereoGraphics/RealD), and a variety of software that includes Discovery Studio from BIOVIA (formerly Accelrys).

This platform allows our introduction of enhanced molecular analysis and modelling services for antibody epitope prediction and mapping to protein 3-D structure, which includes identification and contextual characterisation of both linear and discontinuous ("conformational") epitopes, and protein comparative modelling services.


Web site facilities (open access)

Updated links to relevant resources, literature references, and informational content related to protein analysis, annotation and antibody epitope prediction.

Currently, we do not provide services for T cell epitope prediction, but we provide links to online and other software resources.







The Human Protein Atlas is an open, freely accessible resource for systematic exploration of the human proteome characterised by antibody proteomics (courtesy of The Swedish Human Proteome Resource (HPR) program, and part of the HUPO Human Antibody Initiative (HAI)). Antibodies are used for protein profiling, and the Human Protein Atlas shows expression and localization of proteins in a wide variety of normal human tissues and cancer cells.

Web site use

You are welcome to visit and use our Web site, but you do so on our Web site Terms of Use.

Privacy policy

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Web browser requirements and security

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 6.0 onwards is required for proper viewing and use of all ePitope Informatics facilities.

Web site viewing is also supported in current versions of browsers Mozilla Firefox (version 3.0 onwards), Opera (version 9.6 onwards), Apple Safari (version 3.2 onwards) and Google Chrome (version 1.0 onwards).

Web site viewing and use is also supported under Netscape Navigator versions 4.76 - 9.0 (final version), but not versions 6.0/6.1.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6.x onwards) is required for viewing certain Web site content relating to epitope prediction and protein analysis e-Reports.


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epitope prediction
Consensus e
pitope prediction
(Human DNA
 repair protein,
 MGMT - peak
 epitope residues
 shown in gold).

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